Art is my life.
Every creative impulse, from the beginning to its realization, is an intimate interaction with the Self and the reality we focus on.
All intentions are transmitted into the finished artwork.
I believe that this transmission has a deep impact on everyone who gives attention to it.
I believe artwork can not be experienced by the intellect but has to work on body, spirit and mind.
Artwork which vibrates on all three levels is a masterwork.
The body is the visual pleasure. The spirit is the connectedness or oneness. The mind is the value.
I love working. That’s why I chose figurative sculpture. Because while I am working, I love to connect with the human body on all three levels. The physical body, the spirit and the intellect.
That is the core of what I do.
The physical aspect is having to master the craft. The spiritual aspect is transmitting the non-visible. Like love and compassion. The mind is the narrative aspect of the artwork.
I see myself as a disciple of these three aspects.